Advertising Research

Your goal is to create the most effective communciations possible, and monitor their impact in the marketplace.

Support at each stage of advertising development, initial launching and post-campaign analysis is offered by Matrix through three quantitative research solutions:


A streamlined study design for evaulating basic message appeal and content issues. Your set of preliminary "finalists" are submitted to rigorous quantitative evaluations among a scientific sample of the target audience. Results are reliable and fully projectable to the larger market, revealing which alternative has the edge in potential for connecting in the market.


An evaluation resource for creative development, this study design provides a final market reading with more quantitiative weight than focus groups. Your best work is placed in front of a scientific sample of the target audience and conducted online. Testing of muiltiple versions of print and video is possible -- yours and your competitors' -- with each evaluated on a wide range of detailed diagnostic elements and pre-campaign performance measures.


Custom-designed to your campaign and coordinated with your media, the Matrix ADTRACK monitors six different performance criteria, comparing each with initial benchmarks as well as with the performance of the competition. You get a clear analysis of which elements of your campaign are working, and in what markets; truly a complete diagnostic picture of where your campaign began and where it's heading.

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