Brand Strategy

Your goal is to lift your brand above the pack, stake a claim in your category, and do it by communicating a resonant, compelling message.

Matrix offers three quantitative solutions for the brand development and stategy process:


Values Segmentation takes advantage of a set of advanced multivariate analytical methodologies, and works to uncover the fundamental consumer values that underlie market motivations. Based upon proven powerful techniques, Values Segmentation reveals in a new way how people think and what matters most to them. Brand strategists are provided fresh insights, and a deeper understanding of difficult, mature or poorly-differentiated markets .


Quandrant Analysis combines multiple attributes to pinpoint brand strengths and weaknesses, then directly relates them to purchase decision drivers in a single graphic. A special mapping analysis sheds further light on the position held by your brand and key competitors, graphically depicting the attributes that are most responsbile for those positions. Additionally, we quantify the role played by those same attributes as purchase decision drivers, and identify previously unseen positioning opportunities in the form of unoccupied or weakly-held corners of the market.


Brand Elements provides refinement when your strategy is already in place but questions remain regarding tactical execution. Using advanced procedures, we uncover the most important and identifiable components of your brand, as well as what specific elements comprise those components. What your brand means to the market is seen from a new perspective, providing you access to equally new paths for continued brand enhancement.

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