New Product Research

With new product research, it's less about what consumers say, and more about what they do.

In the end, behavior is everything.

Current behavior is the best predictor of the customer's future purchase decision. With this knowlege, we bring a new dimension of reality to the traditional quantitifcation methods of measuring a prospective customer's stated intentions to buy.

With the OPPORTUNITY MATRIX, we begin by measuring interest in the product idea - their intentions to buy. Then, however, we apply the Matrix difference, filtering and refining stated intentions with relevant behavioral factors, digging deeper into the what, why and how the buyers are buying now. Our method is balanced and deliberately addresses potentially "inflated" interest levels that are often spurred to exaggeration by consumer excitement over a new idea. We take into account the cold reality of the target buyer's own proven past behavior.

OPPORTUNITY MATRIX addresses there essentials to determine if your product concept and planned enhancement is a contender:

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